The marketing-mix

The marketing mix is the set of marketing components that influence buyers and other potential stakeholders.

In principle, the marketing mix consists of the following:

Product name [product] Means of promotion [promotion]
Price [price] Distribution channels [place]

the 4 “P„ : 



Fairs in the marketing mix
Integrating trade fairs into a company's marketing mix means primarily focusing on promotional activities:


CRM – Customer Relationship Management

In this context, trade fairs are very useful platforms for identifying business potential, nurturing existing customers, creating fair business conditions and promoting business-to-business dialogue.


A fair allows for more personal contact between bidders and customers, while building relationships of trust.
It usually takes place under real competition conditions, provided that all industry representatives are present.


The detailed presentation of the products makes criticism and evaluation possible.


The possibility of individualised advice ensures that problems are dealt with in an appropriate and precise manner.


Participating companies can communicate their best image and look after their customers.

A direct approach to the customer on site by organising, for example, one or more events that showcase their products or activities.


Fairs not only provide an opportunity to observe the competition, but also to visualise the entire industry and its market.

This instrument is much more economical than any other market analysis.