Develop an effective presence

The location and appearance of your stand will impact on your success at a trade show. Use these tips to help you.

1. Aim for a high traffic location

Be sure to consult a floor plan before choosing your location. Traffic is heaviest in some areas of the average exhibition. Look for locations near entrances, snack bars, restrooms, conference rooms or near major exhibitors. Try to avoid dead-end aisles, loading bays, columns that block the view or other low-traffic areas..

2. The gadgets work

New exhibitors often get the least attractive locations. One way around this is to share a well-placed stand with a colleague in a related sector. Talk to your sales representative or try to work out a deal with an established exhibitor whose products or services complement your own.

3. Keep it simple

Make sure that people who come to your stand can try your product or service. Let them touch, see, smell, hear or taste. Do you sell decorative pillows? Display them in an appropriate setting and have samples that people can touch. Have you developed new software? Make sure you have several terminals for participants to try out.

4. Use the senses

Don't overdo the graphics of your booth. One large image that can be seen from a distance can have more impact than several small ones. A single catchy slogan describing your business can say more than long blocks of text.

5. Consider sharing a stand

Gimmicks and giveaways can also bring people to your booth. Hold a contest, have a loud product demonstration, hand out candy, hire a masseuse and offer free back rubs. Just make sure the gimmicks fit in with the company's image and your customers' sensibilities.



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