Promote your presence

Remember that the best trade show planning will fail if no one knows you are there. It is estimated that nearly three-quarters of trade show attendees know which stands they want to see before they arrive at the show. Strong pre-show promotion will make your presence known to existing and potential customers. These tips will help.



A month or six weeks before the show, start calling your key clients and potential clients to make appointments. Many people arrive at a show with a specific schedule and have little or no time for other booths. It is therefore important to get on that schedule as early as possible. Be sure to confirm all appointments by phone about a week before the show.


Make mailings

The show management will often allow you to purchase a mailing list of pre-registered participants. Try a simple pre-show mailing that focuses on one or two benefits of stopping by your booth. Make sure it includes contact information at the show including the location number.


Use the press

Send press releases to trade magazines and local newspapers that will be covering the show. Your release should focus on something newsworthy about your presence, such as a new product or a special demonstration. You will also want to prepare a large number of press kits for the show. Don't forget to put them in the press room so that journalists can find them.


Beware of trade fair publications

Advertising in publications that are distributed only at the fair is often expensive and inefficient. These publications often have a limited perspective and are lost in the swirl of documents in which trade fair participants are caught.



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