Plan your monitoring strategy

The optimal time to plan your follow-up strategy is before the trade show starts. That way, you can reach potential customers with your follow-up message while they still have the show fresh in their minds. Here are some things you should know about follow-up.

1. Monitoring should be a priority

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research, 80% of leads at a show are not followed up. Following up with prospects should be your first priority after a show.

2. Write your follow-up letter before the exhibition

Your post-show mailing can be as simple as a thank you note or a brochure with a cover note. Write and print them before you leave for the show so you can send them out as soon as you return.

3. Rank your potential customers during the exhibition

Rank your prospects by level of importance and interest and prioritise your post-show efforts according to this ranking. Call your most promising prospects within a week of the show ending. The longer you leave them waiting, the less enthusiastic they will be. Send a follow-up letter to everyone else.

4. Keep your promises

Make sure you keep any promises you have made at your booth. Have enough brochures and product sheets on hand before the show to be able to send out the requested information quickly.



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